Med School Admissions

med school admissions facts

There’s nothing more important than the med school admissions process for prospective applicants. Going to med school is the most important building block in your career path towards becoming a doctor. Medical schools’ admission processes are nothing to take lightly.

Med School Admissions: Things To Know

Every detail of the med school admissions process is important, beginning with knowing the early application dates. Medical schools always encourage applicants to apply early, and usually don’t grant extensions for late applications.

The typical med school admissions process will include:

  • A completed AMCAS application
  • Letters of recommendation
  • MCAT scores
  • Personal statements
  • A secondary application (provided by the medical schools)
  • An application fee
  • Undergraduate transcripts (a minimum of 90 semester hours of relevant course work is generally required)
  • An in-person/on-campus interview with a faculty member
  • An in-person/on-campus interview with a current medical student
  • A tour of the medical school
  • Mailed acceptance or denial letters

International students may have additional paperwork as part of their med school admissions process. All applicants going to med school will want to make sure they are fully prepared in the med school admissions process.

Med School Admissions: Helpful Tips

There are a lot of important considerations during the med school admissions process. Here are some helpful hints for those applicants planning on going to med school:

  • Med School Admissions Tip #1: Do your research. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to know the history of the medical schools that you will be applying to. Study their mission statement, get familiar with their curriculum, and look into the city that you may be living in.
  • Med School Admissions Tip #2: Talk to your pre-medical advisors. For all of those FAQs that you may have, it may be best to talk to your pre-medical advisor since many of the medical schools’ admissions offices get bogged down with hundreds of incoming applications.
  • Med School Admissions Tip #3: Be yourself. It’s important to be yourself in your application, your interview, and your personal statements. Med school admissions will be looking at every detail of your application, so it’s important to make sure that every detail you include is a reflection of yourself and demonstrates your sincerity and interest in medicine.

Going to med school and choosing to become a doctor is a long, hard road (not to mention expensive), but a nonetheless lifelong rewarding experience for those who enjoy the field of medicine. Remember to begin your med school admissions process early to avoid any errors on your application.