Med School Application

med schools application

The med school application process is never easy, and it’s not going to get any easier any time soon. If you’re flying blind or are unprepared for the application process, you’ll find out real fast just how ruthless the entire process can be.

Scared? That’s good.

We’ve compiled some information from the most premier sources available to share these tips for applying to medical school.

Compare Your MCAT Score With the Average Scores at Your Desired School

Congrats on taking the MCATs. Now it’s time to compare your results with the average score of your desired school to determine whether its worth your time or money to apply. If you are within the range and you really like the school, add it to the list and fill out your med school application.

Applying to Med School: Don’t Under/Over Apply

The cost of a med school application isn’t cheap, and the more you fill out the more it starts to add up. Cap your applications at 15 and don’t forget to make a few of those safety schools. Try these numbers:

  • Long Shots: 2 applications
  • Good Schools in your MCAT Range: 10
  • Safety Schools: 3

Once you send your med school application through the American Medical College Application Service, you’ll likely be sent a secondary med school application sometime later. In most instances, the secondary med school application doesn’t necessarily mean you are closer to acceptance (sorry). In fact, sometimes, the secondary med school application is sent to every applicant. Why not? It’s a good opportunity for your chosen school to milk another $50 or $100 out of you.

This might not sound like a lot to the trust fund Ivy Leaguers out there, but it’s a good chunk of dough for the rest of those applying to med school.

Med School Application: Prepare for the Interview When Applying to Med School

If you make it to the interview stage, congratulations are in order, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to screw everything up when you’re applying to med school.

As part of the med school application process, you’ll probably have to put on a suit and go grovel in front of an academic board to prove just how much you want to attend that school – then do it again at another school.

Remember, applying to med school involves dressing sharp and doing plenty of research about the school beforehand. Talk about the aspects of the school that excite you (or at least pretend some aspects of the school excite you). And don’t speak in generalities; the people who control your med school application want to know exactly why you chose the school.

Applying to med school isn’t easy, but knowing how to get started on your med school application can make the hassle of applying to med school much easier.