Med School Scholarships

med school scholarships

Attending medical school is an expensive proposition, but landing one of the many med school scholarships that are available will help ease some of the financial burden and stress.

Here, you will find more information on the cost of med school tuition, as well as ways to go about finding med school scholarships.

Cost of Med School Tuition

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the med school tuition for public universities went up by 4.4 percent for non-residents and 5.4 percent for residents in 2012 alone. Med school tuition costs for private schools also increased by four percent for residents and non-residents alike.

In addition, the average student is graduating with a debt of over $156,000. Numbers like these clearly illustrate why finding med school scholarships will have a huge financial impact on a med student both now and in the future.

Ways to Receive Med School Scholarships

Med school scholarships can be obtained in a number of ways. Money to help lighten the cost of med school tuition is available through private groups, professional organizations, educational foundations and state health programs.

Limited and special grants are also available to minorities, military veterans and those interested in specific medical research. Students can also receive free money for achievements and winning awards.

Types of Med School Scholarships

There are a handful of different med school scholarships available. Among the most popular awarded to potential students are merit med school scholarships. They can be obtained by posting a good score on the MCAT and a high GPA. They are typically provided by medical schools and students must show that they are unable to pay for their education.

Medical associations also offer med school scholarships. Different associations have different requirements. The armed forces also issue med school scholarships, but at least one year of active military duty is generally required.